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As business leaders with experience in leadership positions in large organisations, we understand that excellent mental health and wellbeing interventions will help your people thrive and grow your business.

In 2018, the UK lost 17.5 million working days due to stress, anxiety or depression. That is 12.5% of all sick days taken. As a business, you’ll know that investing in your people will help make your team more engaged and increase employee wellbeing.  That directly aligns to organisational wellbeing. Performance indicators such as turnover, engagement, productivity, and profitability are all directly linked to employee wellbeing. According to research by Deloitte, they say that on average you could see a return of £4.20 for every £1 spent or as much as £9.98 for every pound spent.

To alleviate the statistics above, the Hazelwood for Business team of experienced and accredited mental health consultants, people developers, counsellors and business coaches provide mental health and wellbeing programmes that support your people, enabling them to prosper and thrive.

Together we can create a culture that is enlightened and more effective

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How we work?

When Hazelwood for Business works with your leadership team, the approach starts with understanding more about what makes your people tick. Before giving your organisation a bespoke and tailored approach, Hazelwood for Business gets to know your culture inside-out. Therefore, we conduct rigorous gap analysis and reviews.

For clients who would want to get their organisation’s mental health and wellbeing approach right, Hazelwood for Business helps you conduct an independent business audit based on your requirements. Then we present bespoke recommendations, guidance and a strategic approach that fits your organisation’s values and most importantly your people.

Hazelwood for Business also can work with your leadership through a variety of programmes. This will help your executive team think strategically about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. These programmes will also highlight the ethical and legal standpoint in regards to mental health and wellbeing. The aim of our leadership training is to create mental health and wellbeing programmes that are aligned to your values, organisational culture and make your people thrive.

Find out how Hazelwood for Business can help your people thrive.

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“The workshops and the excellent venue were invaluable to us and perfect for working through the process and helped us to set aside any preconceived ideas we may have had.”

Russell, Business Owner

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